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Hello Friends & Family, THIS is my first BLOG...

My name is Danny Page, owner/publisher of Suburban Publishing, and www.dannypages.com, an online Business Card Directory. There are so many HUGE Thank You's I owe to alot of friends & family. Let me start with my Mother & Father ( Wanda & Dan Page ). They did the GREATEST job of raising my two brothers ( Dr. Derek Page, D.C. & Darren R. Page ) and myself to become the men we are today. My parents met @ The University of Texas in the early fifties, my Dad was playing Quarterback for the Longhorn's, and my Mother said the first time she met him, she knew she found the Love of her life. Later on my Dad started Suburban Telephone Directories in Dallas, and we were owner/publishers of  Independent Yellow Page Directories in Dallas & Ellis Counties from 1970 to 2008. My Dad passed away in 1995, and with his Advertising Education that he ingrained into me since I was 14, I led the company as CEO until we decided to exit the Yellow Page Publishing business. Since Advertising, and Advertising Sales is what I have lived for, after I left Yellow Page Publishing, I wanted to stay busy with Publishing... After getting the idea for a Business Card Directory, my friends, Don Shipps & Manny Torres ( The Right Printer, 817-7885900, Haltom City, Texas ) helped me produce my first print & online version in January 2011. My plan was to have it completely as an online publication after we did a print version ( East Parker County Business Card Directory ). NOW, it is an online Business Card Directory with no geographic boundaries, and an avenue for Businesses to place their Business Card on my website. Your Business Card is placed per classification, and we Hot Link your email, and/or website URL, so that potential customers can contact you, or browse your website for information. I can't say enough about my FIRST Business Card advertisers that came on board for me to begin ( all of their Business Cards are on site ) in January 2011. They are Family & Friends, and they said YES when I approached them to be my FIRST Card advertisers. Many members of the East Parker County Chamber of Commerce www.eastparkerchamber.com ( Lisa Flowers, President ) were very kind and helpful knowing that my first publication would be in their area. I'm proud to be a member of this Chamber, and to serve on several committee's currently. I met Laurie Smat www.smatwebdesign.com through a connection in East Parker County Chamber, and she made my life concerning Websites, Blogs, and all related questions and answers, very comfortable, and uncomplicated ( you too Scott ). A HUGE Thank You to Laurie for her work, and guidance. Laurie redesigned my site to make it simple to use, and to allow potential Business Card advertisers the ability to join through my website. It's all there.

NOW you know me a little better friends, and where I come from ( born,raised, and still live FORT WORTH, TEXAS ) I'm going to let people know what I do, the business people, family, and friends I talk to daily, or weekly, the places I'm going to ( restaurants, Chamber meetings, TCU Football Games, etc... ) Some may ask who cares, and I say I do, and if you don't, exit the site as quick as you want to. I'm 56 years old, I tell it like it is, I want every Friend and Family member to be SUPER successful, to ENJOY life, and reach as many people as we can. Hey Danny, how the heck did you come up with a Business Card Directory ? I wanted to stay busy with Advertising, but not in data sensitive publications ( think Yellow Pages, and all the digits & letters that hopefully are correct ) and other Publications that can make you sleep with one eye opened all night. It dawned on me several years ago, that no matter how tech savvy we have become ( smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc... ) the one thing that every Business person carries with them is still the good ol' Business Card. For decades, I've watched, and done so myself, Business people hand out Business Cards by the hundreds, in hopes that somebody won't chunk it within an hour, or day. I wanted a way for Business people to place their Business Card into something that has some extended potential to be used over and over, hence my dannypages.com... Please email danny@dannypages.com and say Hello. Please put your Business Card on my site if you see a value in it for yourself. Hey Danny, another question... Who knows about dannypages.com, and how are you going to get the word out ? OK friends, I'm doing it as you read this BLOG, and other ways I can think of to get my foot in the stirrup. With the help of Laurie Smat, YOU, and different avenues of interest generation, I'll do the best I can. If I may say so, the annual price per card on my site is pretty darn reasonable. So, look @ the cards on my site, read their cards, call them, email them, or jump onto their website if listed. Just network the best you can friends, it's that simple.

In the future, this BLOG probably won't be this long. I just wanted to introduce myself, and invite you, and your Business into my site. THANK YOU again to all my current Advertisers, Family & Friends. God Bless You All.



817-726-4500  Danny@EastParkerCounty.com
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